jueves, 1 de octubre de 2009

Creature of the Night

I used to live in a fairytale world
There was no pain in my heart
There was no emptiness by my side
But, on a cold night…
All the sorrow of the world
Gathered inside of me.

Love and rage started to rise inside my mind
I was the only living creature of the night
Haze around my eyes
Darkness (everywhere) choking my heart,
If only you could chase away the pain…

But there is no turning back
I will never be a human again
Cursed to live for ever,
Alone in the shadows.

This is my curse, my suffering
And…all I ever wanted.
Craving for blood
Longing for someone to stay (with me, forever)
Living alone in a horrible maze
Looking for (since I was born) a heart as a home.

Black heart full of sorrow
I am trying to carry on after all
Nothing else matters for me now
The world’s blood is keeping me alive.

All the mistakes I have made
I was able to solve them throughout the centuries
A brand new me rises whilst I die
Fear has been killing me since then
My human part died long ago
And with it, all my light disappeared.

The world has no longer been bright
My new one has been covered with shadows
Fragile as a dying rose
What I am living now…
Is not a life, owing to the fact that…
What I do…is to steal people’s breaths.

I am ancient in my kind
And nothing for your world
I am just a Creature of the Night.
Powerful and solitary.
Oh, if only you could chase away the pain.

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